10 Tips To Take Better Selfies

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Taking selfies is known to be a fun way of showing your personality, confidence and fashion sense. To take a great selfie do not just point the camera of your phone at your face and simply take a shot without even planning. There is an art to taking selfies that are attention-grabbing. Here are some tips on taking better selfies: 

1. Lighting Is Everything 

Pay attention to the lighting because you need good natural lighting. You can go outside the bask in the glow of the sun (with sunscreen on). In fact, good lighting can make undereye circles plus shadows disappear completely. Avoid unwanted light sources like reflective surfaces. 

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2. Avoid Shadows 

Face directly away from or into the sun to avoid having a large shadow cast appearing on your face. If the sun is high during the day, the shadows look like bags under the eyes. The best time to take a selfie is during sunset or sunrise because the light is low. 

3. Flash the Camera 

If you have iPhone 6S and want to shoot selfies in an area with low light, use the screen of your phone as a flash. Tap the flash icon, then select On. It analyses the ambient light and finds the best tone for the screen, thus you will not look washed-out the way you normally do with the traditional flash selfies. 

4. Change the Colour 

Do this after the event or before shooting in the Photos application on your phone (for example Snapseed or Photoshop Express). The available filters will make colours less or more vivid, reduce or brighten the colours etc. 

5. Smile 

Natural smiles are great and make your image look good. Do not twist your face to make a grin that is forced or too big. If you are going for a slightly more serious selfie, you can try to smile with your eyes. 

6. Take Lots of Selfies 

Take many selfies in different angles. Tilt your head in various directions so there is a wide variety that you can choose from. You can decide to film your selfie session rather than taking standard pictures. Simply press record and pose away. After 1 or 2 minutes, scroll through the video you have just recorded and freeze a frame that has the best selfie. 

7. Play With Your Angles 

Keep the camera up and the chin down. When you are taking a selfie, hold your phone so that its bottom is on the same level with your eyes. You can also use a selfie stick. Since you hold it up high, it makes you look svelte and like a supermodel in your photos. Moreover, don’t stare directly into your camera. Turn to the side just a bit, make sure it isn’t to the point where it is a full-on profile: just slightly. 

8. Be Mindful of Your Background 

Typically, the best selfies either have interesting backgrounds, like selfie-ing while skydiving, or the ones that are very simple. The middle ground is what is deadly. Also, watch out for photo-bombers. 

9. Get on the Express 

Every selfie shooter must have the Photoshop Express app on their phone. The app’s automatic photo fixing is the best, plus its filters are also better. You can achieve unbelievable results with a few taps, and you do not lose the original image after saving the new, improved version. It can do magic on different skin tones, swap your open eyes for the ones that are closed and more. 

10. Do Not Over-Edit 

While filtering and editing are recommended, do not adjust your selfie until it ends up looking unnatural. Use a very light touch when editing. Don’t get carried away; you should only touch up the parts glaringly obvious to you. 

If you are using a filter, you have the option of not using it at maximum capacity. When you are on Instagram for instance, instead of simply selecting a photo filter, click on the filter itself until you see a sliding bar. You can then reduce the filter’s severity and make the photo look a little less edited.

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