4 Reasons to Create Slideshow Content for Websites

Published On January 30, 2019 | By admin | Technology

Compared to articles and videos, slideshows are definitely a far less popular type of website content. However recently they have started to be used a bit more frequently, as people seem to have caught on to the benefits that they provide.

If you’re thinking about whether or not you should create slideshows to add to your website content, there are actually a few compelling reasons why you should:

  • Visual content – with audio capabilities too

The main advantage of slideshows is the fact that they are a very visual type of content – just a step behind videos. Each slide can represent a point visually, with a bit of text accompanying it to provide context.

On top of that if saved in video form, slideshows can add audio capabilities into the mix as well. If you want you can add background music to set the mood, or record a voiceover to narrate and explain the content.

  • Easy to create

Comparatively it is far easier to create slideshows than it is to record and produce video content. All that you need are the photos, and possibly the background music or voiceover recording that you want to add.

Nowadays there are many tools that make creating a slideshow a piece of cake and will let you insert text and other audiovisual elements into them. For example you could try Movavi Slideshow Maker (https://www.movavi.com/photo-to-dvd-slideshow/).

  • Engaging and able to deliver information effectively

The visual nature of slideshows make them far more engaging than typical articles, and allow them to deliver information more effectively. Visually-delivered information is easier for viewers to absorb and digest, and only videos are more capable than slideshows in that regard.

If an audio component is used, it can make the content all the more engaging as well – and improve its ability to deliver information. Other elements such as animation and visual effects can help as well, though they should be used sparingly and only for specific reasons.

  • Lots of options to publish and share

Because slideshows can be created in video form, there are lots of ways that you can publish and share them online. As a video you can upload them to social media or video sharing platforms, or publish them directly on your website.

Alternatively you could use platforms such as Slide share or Scribd to publish more conventional slideshows.

Are you starting to see why creating slideshows as website content is both easy and effective? Although you probably won’t want all your content to consist of slideshows, adding a few into the mix can provide a nice alternative to articles, and allow you to engage a much wider audience.

Compared to videos, you don’t really need much experience or any special skills to create excellent slideshows. In fact it is often best to keep your slideshow content simple, and focus on delivering the message in as concise a manner as possible by taking advantage of its visual capabilities to show viewers what you want them to see.

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