5 Ways to increase website traffic through social media

Published On November 22, 2018 | By admin | Social media

We all are aware that social media engagement can help boost traffic on your website. It is one of the best mediums to get the potential customers to your website if you are on a limited budget and attempting paid advertising. Although paid channel of social media can help to increase your website traffic, getting people to your social channels can be quite tricky. You need to build a larger presence on social media in order to get steady social media traffic to your site. You will experience an increase in social media traffic when you will engage and build relationships on every channel. Plus, when you will be readily available for your existing customers and potential buyers, you will be nurturing all these people through the purchasing process.

Hiring the best social media agency Dubai is one of the best things to do to boost social media traffic on your business website. These professionals can be of a great help if you are still struggling to crack the code for increasing the website traffic through social media. They make use of a mix of tactics to drive traffic to our website and blog daily.  Here is a list of 5 ways that can help you in achieving your goal.

  1. Ensure the visibility of your website’s URL

Various channels of social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., have at least one designated spot (many of these networks also have many) where you can share the URL of your website. Always make sure that you share your website’s address or URL in your profile and About sections. This will let the visitor know that your website is legitimate and will direct them to visit your site.

  1. Ensure to share your posts

Make sure that you share every blog post that you write on your social media networks. You can draw in more visitors to your website, engage more viewers to read your blogs and of course help with SEO (search engine optimization). Many of the businesses share a blog post on one of the many networks and that’s all. A good social media agency will ensure to share an evergreen blog post across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and various others.

  1. Give people the reference to your site

People who will come to know about your business through social media will have several questions about it. You should always answer them while giving reference to your website’s page where their query can be resolved. For example, if someone asks, “do you sell this product?” you can share the product page link if they ask about your location, then you can simply direct them to the embedded map on your website. This way you can draw more traffic to your website.

  1. Interact with potential buyers with call to action

Many people interact with you on your social media profiles. But, what next? You must always let your visitors know that you can further interact with them using a call to action (CTA). Common CTA’s include ‘Visit Now’, ‘Comment Below’ and ‘Share on Twitter’ and many others like these. Some networks provide for these CTAs button, whereas some of them don’t and so you are required to include the CTAs in the posts that you share on the social media channels.

  1. Improve your social profiles

Along with your website, you should also focus on SEO for your social media profiles. You’re About Pages and Biographies on these networks should include relevant keywords. Also, ensure the completion of your profiles on these channels. When you place links on the social media biographies, the SEO of your website increases.

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