A place where business process and IT works for thesame goal

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Many enterprises are that collaboration platform that takes advantage of data and knowledge of their customer’s company, so they can take the right decision.

These enterprises ensure a fast common understanding of functionality on your IT landscape. Bluedolphine is cooperation platform for business process and IT architecture. Hundreds of employees in organization benefited from this enterprise to identify, plan and take action to improve.

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  • Some services provided by these enterprises donot need extensive training. They provide their customer an application that is linked to the relevant source system and they get anoverview of thecurrent situation as well as possible improvement solution.
  • The enterpriseensures their customer that they successfully use existing knowledge and experience. This will make aprofit for them at free of charges.
  • Some enterprises allow all users to model in their desired style, linking the architecture to the processes.

Every business is closely related to IT. One side is working on improving the process and on the other hand, work is being done to ensure that these processes are supported by IT. These enterprises give a little cooperation here and since both sides are working on the same goal. Changes in IT have a direct impact on organizations employees and it leads a misunderstanding.

These enterprises make a platform between business process and IT architecture. Organizations are benefited from this enterprise to identify, plan and take action to improve. Thus these enterprises are working for the benefit of their customers and save their timeaswell as make a dynamic change in themarket. This will generate a team of new, skilled professionals that give their contribution to economic development and they will enhance the knowledge of their customers and the employees who worked with them. It is a platform where business process and IT work for the same goal.

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