An 11-Step Guide to Installing an HDTV Antenna

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One of the problems people face after purchasing an HDTV antenna is where to install it. Should it be installed outside or would it be better inside? Calling a professional to ascertain this is probably the best and most reasonable option, but in case you would want to do it yourself, this article is for you.

The outdoor and indoor antennas both come with their pros and cons. To install an indoor antenna is a whole lot easier and cheaper, while an outdoor antenna does not get obstructions or interferences from other electronic devices since it is ‘outside’. Installation is pretty simple and straightforward, but finding the right spot can be tricky.

When you find the right spot, here are the things you would need for installation: screwdrivers, roofing screws, a nail gun, U-clamp nails, a HDTV including a built-in digital tuner, a 72-ohm all-weather coaxial cable, a grounding wire, a HD antenna having its mounting hardware, a coaxial cable grounding block and, if needed, a grounding strap, a power drill, a silicone caulk, and an adjustable wrench

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After getting these things ready, what next? Simply follow these steps:

  • Check the TV: If you used to have an antenna, try connecting it to your HDTV to see if you can pick up any channels.
  • Make your choice:There’s plenty of HDTV antennas in the market. However, you can check out PrimeCables Indoor TV Antenna for inspiration. Using a compass, determine what directions your antenna should face and point it there. You would find instructions on how to do this on whichever mount kit you purchase.
  • Install the mounting bracket:All you have to do is to make the mounting bracket secured to the roof using the roofing screws, thenapply silicone caulk around the screws to prevent water penetration.
  • You would need to arrange the antenna if you bought one that is not already arranged.
  • Get the antenna pole attached by making sure the mounting bracket’s sleeve bolts are loosened, sliding the pole in till it reaches the very bottom of the sleeve, and then tightening the bolts to make sure the pole is securelyheld in place.
  • The next step is to place the antenna on the pole.
  • Run a Temporary Cable Line, by connecting one end of the coaxial cable to the cable output terminal on the antenna and then running the cable line to your HDTV.
  • Using a nail gun and insulated U-clamp nails tightened and secure everything.
  • Using the grounding wire, silicone caulk, coaxial cable grounding block and grounding strap, ground the installation to the house.
  • Finally, reconnect the cable to the HDTV, and get the coaxial cablerun to the HDTV, then get it connected to one of the TV’s coaxial inputs.

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