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Published On July 5, 2018 | By admin | Technology

Over a few years ago the animation market was pacing at a much slower speed with no new idea or trend was hitting the market. However, now the rise of technological development has completely changed the face of the industry. Now not only trends are rising to the top new and highly advanced tools are getting introduced to the market a well.

It is by far the best form of circulating information and is being used for multiple purposes apart from being used for educational content. Now many brands are rising to the top and are enjoying an upswing mainly because of an efficient use of animated videos for brand promotion. The secret to such an amazing success lies in the best-in-class tools used by the leading animators. Let’s check out the best tools to create explainer video and other types of animated videos below:

Go Animate

GoANimtae is one of the leading tool used in animation. It has multiple features along with several services to offer its users. From the facility of lip syncing to customize templates to character customization are all present in a single platform. You only have to speak the words the program will sync your lip movement and animate accordingly. You can easily create the personality of your character as well. There are multiple elements and features available on the tool. In addition, the tool is super-efficient and is easy to handle too.

Crazy Talk

CrazyTalk is one of the top tools that are based on techniques to create facial expression. For Mac and Windows users this tool serves as the best of all. It is used for creating efficient 3D graphics having flawless and professional efficiency. Using this tool you can create compelling 3D avatars of your characters along with characters with proficient expression and humanly-gestures. The tool is capable of is producing advanced animation. You can even enhance the physical appearance of your characters from hairdo to clothing to other physical features. Moreover, the feature of auto motion and auto lip-sync helps a professional to create smooth head movement, facial expression, and transition in voice tone.

i Clone

icloud is acknowledged as a software offering highest quality animated videos. It is used in great and renowned organizations. Companies that prefer this software includes FBI, Microsoft, and Ford. Among its features lip-sync, character building, 3D models, advanced lighting, open architecture and shadowing effects are included. You can make a complete 3D avatar using these features along with polishing every feature with perfection. From humanly expressions to body posture, personality to hairdo every single part can be improvised and enhanced with unmatched professionalism.  

Wrapping Up

These tools assist animators with remarkable skills to create successful animations. Each animation created holds perfection and flawlessness. You can make effective designs and enhance every single feature present in your character without much hassle.

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