Care To Become A JUUL Or Eonsmoke JUUL-Compatible Device Distributor?

Published On December 21, 2017 | By admin | Technology

A lot of people have already invested in JUUL and even more has made it part of their business. Aside from the growing number of people using the products, many more have seen and felt the difference from regular cigarettes.

JUUL provides free shipping fee for those who are going to order online with a year of warranty for the device. Each JUUL pod contains choices of Cool Mint, Crème Brulee, Fruit Medley, and Virginia Tobacco.

Like me, this also gives you great opportunity to become a distributor in your area. JUUL has been sold around the U.S., but you can help in the distribution process by becoming a distributor yourself. Take note that it can only give you 8% earnings being a JUUL distributor though while other vape brands can give you as much as 100% like selling Eonsmoke wholesale.

Online distribution is the most common method, as you can charge your customers or your retailers. This is very useful because manufacturers of JUUL pods don’t offer wholesale to particular zip codes. As what I have learned, they require you to use a coupon, purchase from their website, and sell the pods at $20, which is $5 more than the retail price.

This is where Eonsmoke pods are a good option for prospective distributors because they are similar to the JUUL pods but with higher profit margin. What’s interesting is that a lot of customers are dying to find pods that can be used with JUUL devices. Eon pods are perfect because they fit just right but not that expensive at all.

When Eonsmoke products were delivered to my house, they charged for wholesale prices with some 100% margin. Initially, I thought their products were subpar, but when I started to put one inside my mouth, it felt really good. In fact, the eon pods were more rounded in shape in contrast to the JUUL pods’ square outline. Moreover, it tasted better than the JUUL itself, being true to its claim that it has 4% salt nicotine content. That’s why I’m very eager to resell them because I for one is hooked on using Eonsmoke pods.

Eonsmoke JUUL-compatible salt-based products are great for wholesale business since the company is at the forefront of the distribution industry. As a matter of fact, they have mainly invested into sourcing relationships, ensuring profitability as well as improving my reselling business with JUUL-compatible pods.

Distributing Eonsmoke pods are equally stable and consistent as regular cigarettes for convenience stores that sell tobacco, smoke shops, vape stores, and specialty locations. Overall, the sale of Eonsmoke JUUL-compatible pods offers high-profit margins in a largely expanding growth market.

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