Different types of printing in today’s world

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Books, magazines, newspapers, posters, business cards, signboards, logo designs, etc. all of them are printed materials that are used widely and tremendously in every corner of the world. So, basically, what is printing?

Replicating or reproducing written test or images on different surfaces such as paper, cloth, posters, or objects is printing. The art of printing has been born in the ancient age, and since then, the techniques of printing have been evolving and developing day by day. In today’s world, printing has taken the face of the modern world, and several impressive and uniquely effortless techniques are being introduced and used. The new technology of printing has made printing easy and affordable.

Many factories and companies have started the business of printing with newly invented technologies, and they are quite successful in it. Printing factory in “Bang Kruai” [โรงพิมพ์ บางกรวย, which are the term in Thai]is well known for their excellent printing facilities. Here are some main technological printing techniques used widely in today’s time;

Screen printing:

In the method of screen printing, the direct application of the ink on the substrate, leaving the areas that are created impermeable to the ink by the help of blocking stencil. A blade or a scale like an object is used to spread the ink on the stencil, and the ink passed through the opening of the mesh and gets on the surface on which the designed is to be printed. Not only one color but several colors can be used to create an iridescent printed image on the surface. Screen printing is usually best for the curved surface.

Digital printing

It is basically a printing performed using an electronic and digital printer. The printing Laser printing usually can cost a bit higher when compared to other traditional digital printing in quite worth it as it can give you really fast on-demand printing in a short time period.

Rotogravure or gravure printing

It is a type of printing that uses cylinders engraved being the designs or images that are printed. Rotogravure printing used intaglio printing techniques and was used previously in the beginning to print newspaper and magazines. It is widely used in the printing of newspapers, magazines, postcards, cardboard and many other packaging products.

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