Do I Need An SEO Consultant for your website?

Published On July 12, 2018 | By admin | Seo

Anyone with a website needs first to be found, be visible to the public and acquire many new visitors interested in their topics, products or services. Everyone’s dream is to make their site appear on the first page of Google search results, but in the sea of the internet, it is obviously not easy to emerge. Precisely for this, there is the SEO, a series of techniques designed to analyze all the factors relevant to indexing and good functioning, with the aim of improving all aspects of the site to make it more visible to search engines and therefore users.

There are several online SEO analysis software and online tools that provide a general overview of how the site works and highlight aspects that go against the Google guidelines; these tools are very useful to get an idea of what you need to do and how to take the first steps. What they do is generate a report, not a complete analysis, and obviously, they cannot be 100% complete.

To get a greater level of detail, you can contact an SEO agency that will analyze the site by providing the specific needs and wishes of the customer, something that software can not do. The consultant can also take care of the communication aspects of the site, such as the drafting of optimized content, the search for keywords, the inclusion of authoritative links. All these actions must be followed by an expert to be effective, and if done well they translate into greater visibility, increased traffic and conversions.

Cost Of Getting An SEO Consultant

The work of the SEO consultant requires many skills, ranging from the use of technical tools for the analysis of positioning to the manipulation of the code on the programming side.From the creation of optimized contents to the care of the graphics project; a true expert is a multifaceted figure who has acquired skills in different fields, and this is not easy to find, so be careful to go for a good SEO agency.

Given the complexity and variety of the work, it is not possible to establish a standardized rate card without first evaluating the entire project. There are sites that need few hours of work to improve indexing; others require several days and constant maintenance work. It must be considered that the SEO optimization often requires the intervention of various professionals specialized in programming, graphics, accessibility, copywriting, which intervene simultaneously in the various aspects of the site.

So before talking about the costs of an SEO intervention, it is necessary to evaluate the project as a whole and keep in mind that it requires the intervention of different professional figures all equally important for the success of the work.

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