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As a treatment for cancer disease, immunotherapies is been approved in the United States and many places and are prescribed by oncologists to patients. Because of many research and tests on cancer cells, doctors have come up with the demonstrated effects ad beneficial of this treatment. Many kinds of research in this field are expected to be beneficial for a mass crowd of cancer patients in the future. The immunotherapy enhances the recognizing, targeting, and eliminating power of the immune system against cancer cells. ADXS is a company that has a major focus on this field of treatment. And due to the huge cancer patient count all over the company has many more steps to go. But the daily value of NASDAQ: ADXS at too matters.

ADVAXIS as a company

Advaxis is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. The major focus of the company is discovering, developing, and commercializing the immunotherapies which are based on listeria monocyte genes technology. It has developed therapies in HPV related cancers where axalimogene filolisbac to cure cancers of head and neck. ADXS-PCA is getting developed by this company for prostate cancer and ADXS-NEO which is an individual antigen delivery on LM technology for patient’s immunity power to react in multiple mutating treat or neo-antigens cases. The company has developed ADXS-HOT to generate potential anti-cancer immunity and ADXS-HER2 which is designed to hit HER2 showing solid tumors along with human and canine osteosarcoma. The company has collaboration with OS therapies LLC Amgen; Especificos Stendhal Merck& co; Aratana Therapeutics; global bio Pharma and Medlmmune Inc. In 2002 the company was founded and has a base in Princeton in New Jersey.

Company’s performance and decisions

ADXS which is known for its immune therapies declined by 1% this august 2020 and said that Lincoln park fund capital paid $2 million to acquire its common share which has a price of 57 each over more than 3.5 million shares in a part of a broader agreement with the investors for stock valued up to $20 million. Advaxis also has the right to sell to Lincoln Park fund capital up to $18 million-plus of their shares to that Lincoln Park with a prevailing market rate over the next 36 months at certain conditions. ADXS also tumbled at 13% on Tuesday, Feb 12, 2020, when the price was $10.5 million for 10 million shares, each of $1.05 rates. ADXS provided 2 institutional investors with a deal of 5-year warrants to buy 5 million more shares with a rate of $1.25 each which will be exercisable in 6 months. NASDAQ: ADXS for 12 august 2020 was found $0.55 with a change of -0.0117 and volume of 669909 which opened at $0.56.

Financial summary

By 30 April 2020 Advaxis revenue was decreased to $253K by 99%, with an income of $3.4million and loss of $14.2 million. The revenue reflected the decrease in demand for service and products due to unfavorable market conditions. The net loss was reflecting the net change of value on derivatives which decreased from an income of $2.4 million to an expense of $23 thousand and a 61% decrease in interest income up to $101thousand. You can do stock trading online after checking the stock news. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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