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Everyone is very much familiar with the torrent sites. They were much in headline due to the copyright issues. The 1337x is one the best sites for downloading the torrent. You can download the songs, movies, software, games etc. with the help of the torrent sites. These sites provide you various downloading materials free of the cost. If you are much passionate about watching the movies you must have used the torrent sites for downloading your materials.

In the late 20’s, there were many of the companies and the government of various countries have blocked the torrent sites. Due to the various claims opposed. These claim were opposed by many of the companies saying that the torrent sites are providing the materials like the games, software etc. free of cost which actually do have the cost of hundreds of dollars.

Many proxy sites have been created and if you want to unblock the 1337x torrent use list of proxy sites and mirrors on this webpage.

1337x proxy and the various blocked sites of the 13337x:

The 1337x is blocked and banned by the many search engines. You will not be able to get the information of any of the links regarding it on the various search engines. They have been blocked by many of the search engines. The 1337x does have its proxy sites which will help you in accessing the torrent sites for downloading your materials.

There are two ways of getting access to the torrent sites and downloading your materials. They are as follows:

Make use of the proxy sites:

There are many of 1337x proxy sites to get access to the torrent sites and download your materials. These proxy sites help you in hiding of the original address of the torrent server. These sites are not easily tracked by anyone. The proxy sites do help you in the easy access of the torrent sites not the various countries. There are many of the proxy sites created to help you out. So, if you are not able to access the torrent servers you can make use of the various torrent sites.

Using the VPN:

The VPN is the virtual private network that helps you in accessing of the various torrent sites. These addresses do help you by unblocking the various torrent sites and letting you to download the movies or the games very easily. The VPN provides virtual address and does not reveal the real and original address to the provider and hence it is not possible to track the torrent sites.

List of the various proxy sites:

There are many proxy sites which you can make use of to get the access to the various torrent sites:



The final conclusion is that you may not be able to get access to the various torrent sites but with the use of various proxy sites you can access the torrent sites and can download various materials.

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