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It seems a matter of day’s in-between each report of some kind of hacking event that has caused security issues, despite the amount of money that is being spent on technology. What many organizations fail to realise is that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on equipment, the biggest cause of cyber security problems is the human factor. No matter how many employees you have on board you should never assume that each one automatically has the knowledge they need to stop personal and official data from being hacked. Underestimating the tenacity and expertise of hackers’ employees so they know what mistakes to avoid and how to defend against attack.

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How lack of training can lead to greater security risks

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph if not adequately trained and kept up to date employees can pose a bigger risk than you could imagine. Being a risk employee doesn’t mean in any way that they are purposefully being underhand, but it could be through to them falling victim to hackers expertise.  If for example your employees have smartphones and/or Wi-Fi that is openthey are unlikely to know the dangers that come with lack of security knowledge. It’s taken for granted that devices and Wi-Fi providers are automatically protected.

Unfortunately, this could make them the middle man by methods such as eavesdropping or data tampering, which could mean they unknowingly release information to a hacker. This in turn can ruin company image and financial loss.

The initial training if any that employees may have received could be out-dated due to how fast technology advances. As technology advances so do the skills hackers learn which makes it difficult to keep up with. To keep employees up to date regular emails could keep them abreast of new risks and changes. You could teach in your own workplace environment online with hands on cyber security training. This will allow your employees to experience simulated attacks and see how well they fare before and after training against them. It’s better to allow them to try the simulated attacks to find weaknesses rather than a real cyber-attack they don’t know how to control. That way you can see for yourself how much difference training can make in the event of an emergency. Cyberbit have years of expertise and can pass their extensive knowledge onto your staff to minimise the risk of attack and should it occur know exactly how to deal with it. it is advisable to enrol both IT and company staff with more in depth training for the IT staff as they will be the frontline protection.

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Example of recent hacking technique’s and incidents will also be discussed and trained for as well as a number of different types of software vulnerabilities so that the IT staff know exactly how to avoid them. It’s one thing to have a discussion that may not be fully comprehended but to take up training and testing in your own work environment lets the staff see how much damage attacks can cause to a company, but also give them hands on expertise. You can select which parts are relevant to your company and omit those that are not to save time and mean that the staff is concentrating only on what is needed.

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