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If you want to convert gif to jpg, you can take help of online tools available free on the internet. Several websites offer tools for converting your gif files to jpg. A gif file is used for sharing images with other people on the web and mobile phones. Mostly, animations are shared on a gif file. The most popular use of this is for advertising on the internet with pictures that change the graphics like a video. When the gift file is converted to jpg or other formats, the picture quality of the original image is retained.

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The process of converting a gif file is very simple. All you have to do is visit the website of the online converter and use the conversion tool. The first step is selecting the gif file that you want to convert. You can choose the file from the PC or Google Drive. If you want to upload the file from Dropbox, it is possible. After that, you need to choose the format on which you want to convert the file. In this case, you should select the jpg format. Once you do this, the online tool will start the process of converting the file to jpg format. You might have to wait for a few minutes for this. When the conversion is over, you can download the jpg file at once. In this way, you can use the online tools for converting gif to jpg free.   

When you are converting an animated gif, you must know that the jpg format does not support animation. Thus, the gif file will appear as a few images after converting to jpg. If you are using a transparent gif image, some online converters give the option to set the background color. This will help in preventing a black background in the resulting jpg image after the conversion. The conversion of a gif to jpg online is easy and it doesn’t require any previous knowledge. All you have to do is upload the gif, choose the jpg format for conversion and your file will be converted without any problem.

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