How to Ensure your Privacy and Security when Browsing on Chrome

Published On July 16, 2018 | By admin | Technology

When surfing websites, it is essential to maintain your privacy. These days, people depend on the World Wide Web for many reasons and they may have different intentions. Because of this, trusting various online services can be hard. Fortunately, you can keep your browsing safe. If you are using Chrome, here are some helpful tips:

Be Smart with which to Enable on Privacy Settings

Google promises to improve their users’ browsing experience and provides them with a lot of web services to save time. These services include speeding up web page loading. But, a prediction service can read your browsing history and remember famous sites. If this is something you wish to avoid, turn off the privacy setting you don’t need.

Visit Only Safe Websites

You don’t have to be an IT pro to determine which websites are safe to visit. You can check the connection of a website as Google will alert you if the connection is not secure. They usually tell you that your connection is not private and some sites will not let you browse privately and safely. Open a website page in Chrome and check out the security signs found at the left of the website’s address. Decide which website to visit based on the security status you can find here.

When Google alerts you when they detect a website is not safe, you must take this warning seriously. Such site usually contains phishing scripts or malware they will use to access your data. A number of sites may even trick you into downloading software which could steal your sensitive information or harm your computer.

Don’t Allow Pop-Ups

Chrome could act strangely and show up pop-up ads every now and then. This could happen if your chrome is infected with a malware. But, you can get rid of these pop-ups by blocking them on Chrome Settings.  

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