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Published On April 25, 2018 | By admin | Technology

I serve as a senior manager in the human resources office of a resort in the southeastern United States. Our resort includes two separate hotel units, all logistics related to their operations such as housekeeping and maintenance personnel, multiple foodservice operations, and an entertainment center. We have employees working at various skill levels with assigned duties that maintain this resort throughout the year. Although we do experience “bumps” during busier tourist seasons, we have guests throughout the year. In such an environment, we need a workforce scheduling software that allows all of our employees ease of access while also ensuring security of their information and providing us with the flexibility we need to manage staff in a busy resort.

Our company selected LASSO to provide the workforce scheduling software we use at our locations. The software allows us to coordinate our talent throughout the organization from the moment new hires begin to work at our resort through their entire career with us. In addition to a core group of regular employees, fulltime and part-time, we also hire a substantial number of “snowbird” seasonal workers that cover everything from front desk operations and housekeeping, to wait staff and entertainers within our largest hotel.  As we track room reservations and activities in our restaurants and cafes, we can anticipate our staffing needs so that coordinators and managers of units throughout the resort have the number of staff available that they need.

In our business, a satisfied visitor is a prospective repeat customer and someone who will tell others about our resort. An unhappy guest will not return and will share negative reviews. We need to address the concerns of our guests. Having warm and friendly front desk personnel, a reliable maintenance crew for those unexpected situations, stellar housekeeping staff that keep our rooms exceptionally clean, and talented foodservice personnel that prepare memorable meals are essential to our resort’s success. Allowing our managers throughout the resort to develop schedules that effectively get our workers where they need to be is important.

Within human resources, we appreciate the ability of LASSO’s workforce scheduling software to allow personnel at all levels to communicate and collaborate. When we have special events or performances on our property, we can coordinate the schedules and tasks of our employees as well as track the efforts of outside contractors we hire for specialized services. More than a schedule manager, LASSO offers comprehensive platform that not only tells people when to arrive for work, but also informs them of tasks or activities we need them to perform. In some cases, we may have to send staff from one hotel to another, or position extra foodservice staff in another location for a special event. For these and so many other tasks, we are fortunate to have LASSO manage our complex scheduling needs. 

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