Technical SEO: Some Essential Tips For You To Implement Now

Published On June 18, 2018 | By admin | Technology

What points can actually help your website to be technically perfect? There are some factors, which are currently playing pivotal role in the field of Technical SEO now. The previous years, there were multiple speculations on technical SEO based values. It was primarily termed as makeup, and for some, this method was dead. But later, this speculation later came back to life and some of the amazing examples of technical audits for the SEO platforms. These points gradually resulted in proper traffic boosts, which are otherwise hard for you to check on for sure. So, head for the right help in this regard.

Checking on indexing:

You can start with the site pages and their numbers, which are indexed by the major search engines. For checking on that, you can enter the site in search engine of your choice by using any of the SEO crawlers available nowadays. If you check on it ideally, this number needs to be quite in proportion with the number of pages you have in your site. The only ones should be the pages you don’t want to be indexed. If you end up experiencing bigger gap that anticipated, it is time to review some of the disallowed pages then.

For the next point:

It is mandatory for you to check that the resources over here have the ability to crawl over the source website. For checking on that ability, you might try to go for the robot.txt, but the result might be a bit inaccurate. This robot.txt is only one of multiple ways to restrict pages from getting indexed. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to check on a SEO crawler for listing out all the blocked pages, even though if the instruction was found in robot.txt, or in X-Robots-Tag. For some more information, don’t forget to click here.

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