Ten Ice Cool Facts

Published On August 24, 2016 | By admin | Technology

Are you ready for some fridge trivia?

The world of refrigeration, ice, and freezers is more interesting than you think. Many fridge hire companies have been in business for decades so refrigeration must have a charm of its own. Take Ice Cool Trailers as an example, they’ve been in business for over twenty years; could they have provided mobile fridge hire services if they didn’t love what they did?

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  1. The more items that you have in a fridge, the more efficiently it works for you. Size matters, if you buy a massive fridge or opt for a huge mobile fridge hire unit you’ll be compromising on cost effectiveness and functionality unless you fill it.
  2. The middle shelving is the coolest part of the fridge or mobile fridge hire unit.

The door is the warmest part of a fridge.

  1. Apparently, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania it is illegal for someone to go outdoors on their fridge. There aren’t any records of how Thames Valley Police feel about mobile fridges but they’re probably against them.  
  2. You may be surprised to learn that in the world of technology it has often been pondered how we can use our fridges to shop. Yes, you read that correctly! Visa has looked in to integrating the internet and payment facilities in to fridges so that shopping can be done from the fridge and no items will be forgotten.
  3. This is a worldwide trend. When people go camping or fishing they increasingly take the opportunity to have mobile fridge hire. Just because you’re away from home you shouldn’t be without home comforts.
  4. The first delivery of ice to the Caribbean from the U.S. had instructions for its use attached. Presumably first on the list was to not let it melt.  
  5. In 2007 an enterprising inventor named John Cornwell produced a mini fridge which housed beer and featured a remote control catapult function to propel the beer can to its drinker.
  6. Frozen foods were first created in 1924 and made commercially available in 1934. The food was installed in a freezer that contained a continuously rolling belt to keep food frozen. The inventor was Clarence Birdseye. Today the multimillion Birdseye Foods is owned by Nomad Foods in Europe and Pinnacle Foods in the U.S.A.
  7. There is a National Clean Out Your Fridge Day in the U.S. on November 15th 2016. The U.K. doesn’t have an official day, perhaps we should start one sponsored by a fridge hire firm or fridge manufacturer.
  8. In the 1950’s only 15% of U.K. households had a fridge or a freezer. The population numbered approximately 50 million people in the 1951 census. How well would our convenience minded selves cope without them today?  Mobile fridge hire has never been more popular!

Today, we consider that a fridge in a home or business space is essential andevents organisers widely turn to safe, secure mobile fridge hire and fridge trailers. Need fridge hire? Turn to Ice Cool for help.

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