The 4 Best Website Builders for Beginners

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So you have decided that you want to build yourself a website. Maybe you are planning to sell a new product or just want an online home for your portfolio of photographs. Whatever your reason for being interested in building a website, you are ready to get started. Now you have to decide where you should create your site.

There are many options available to you that will make the task of creating your site easier. You can create your site from scratch by learning to program in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. Then you can spend a substantial amount of time developing and testing your site until you are satisfied that it will run correctly. While this method does give you total control over your website’s look, feel, and functionality, it can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive undertaking.

If you want to get your site up and running in a less time, or don’t want to hassle with all of the programming, you can take advantage of one of the website building platforms that are available. Website builders help you design and develop your site, allowing you to put up very professional looking with no programming required at all.

Advantages to Using a Website Builder

Different website building sites offer different features at various price points. Some may be better equipped to handle the type of site that you are intending to create. According to, the benefits of using a website builder are:

  • No programming skill or design talent is required.
  • Easy updating of your site using the builder’s drag-and-drop editor.
  • You can get your site up in a minimum amount of time and not break your budget. Many free plans are out there and paid plans offer services that make them worthwhile for you to consider depending on the type of site you are creating.
  • Access to libraries of tools and applications. You will find that all web builders offer tools and apps that add functionality to your site.
  • You can edit your site from any computer. Your source files are online, not on your personal machine, allowing access from any location.

Now that you know what the advantages are of using a website builder, let’s take a look at 4 of the best options for a beginner to use. We will give an overview of the site as well as some specific pros and cons of each one.

1. Squarespace

If you want a fully hosted website builder, Squarespace may fit the bill. It is a very popular web building site and is known for having great designs as well as being very easy to use.


  • Secure infrastructure so you do not have to be concerned with the hosting aspects of your website.
  • Excellent selection of templates that are easy to use and will give your site a professional look.
  • SEO and blogging features to help your site get noticed.
  • Easy to use interface that makes designing your website a quick and painless experience.


  • Limited integration with third-party offerings.
  • Relatively few payment options if you want to use your site for e-commerce.

Websites start at $12 per month with an online store costing between $30 and $40 per month.

2. Wix

Here is another fully hosted website builder which eliminates the need for you to be concerned with a hosting service. It is built into the package. It features an easy to use interface and powerful tools to help you build a great site.


  • Hundreds of templates are available so you can get just the right look for your website.
  • Large selection of free and paid apps to add functionality to your site.
  • Free SSL for additional site security.
  • Free plan to test-drive the builder.


  • The free plan displays Wix branded advertisements on your website.
  • Complicated migration if you decide to change hosting platforms.

Connect an existing domain for around $9 per month. Combo plan with free domain name costs around $15 per month and e-commerce plans start at $26 a month.

3. Weebly

Weebly is another popular website builder with over 30 million users. It is extremely easy to use and offers you the flexibility of creating any type of site from a simple blog to an e-commerce website.


  • Built-in e-commerce support makes creating an online store simple for anyone.
  • Lots of templates to get you started with a great looking site.
  • Many built-in features such as contact forms, sliders, and galleries that make it a breeze to design your site exactly how you want it to look.


  • Weebly branded advertising is placed on free sites.
  • They charge a 3% transaction fee for purchases made through your e-commerce store.

Free plans are available with a basic paid plan starting at $8 per month. Business plans cost $25 on this platform.

4. is slightly different as it requires you to have your own hosting and to have registered your own domain name. These tasks are handled for you by the other website builders we have discussed. Once you have taken care of domain name and hosting, the software is free and you can take advantage of the largest collection of templates and plugins available. The popularity of this method of website building is manifested in WordPress being the power behind over 30% of the top 10 million websites, according to


  • You have complete control over every aspect of your website and can create any type of site from a blog to an e-commerce shop.
  • Thousands of WordPress themes and plugins will let you tailor your site to your exact specifications.
  • Language support gives you the flexibility to create multilingual websites.


  • You need to manage your site from a hosting perspective. This is not a difficult task, but one that is not required from the other website builders.

Your costs will be domain registration and hosting which will cost you about $100 per year if you use shared hosting.


One of these website builders will certainly work for you and help you build a great looking website without any extensive programming. Check them out, pick one, and get your site up on the web.

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