The Impact Of Malware Attacks And The Methods To Prevent Them

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The ever-rising number of businesses falling prey to malware attacks is a huge security concern since these threats are tough to identify and tougher to control. Thousands of small businesses suffer irreversible monetary damage every year. In fact, even big companies including the likes of eBay and many others have failed to protect users from serious phishing and malware attacks in the past. Nevertheless, this problem is a much bigger global concern than it is estimated to be. So, no matter your business size and type, you’ll always be vulnerable to phishing attacks and malware attacks as long as you do not take preventive measures. But before learning about the ways to minimize the risk of such cyber attacks, you must know what are the most troublesome malware types – given below – that have the most dreadful impact.

  • Ransomware
  • Cryptojacking
  • Mobile malware threat

How To Reduce The Risk Of Malware Hacking?

Malware and phishing attacks are the most preferred ways that hackers like to use to breach the security of a company. The 2 most effective techniques and methods that help in reducing such attacks and protecting the privacy of your company and users whilst preventing a substantial amount of monetary loss are listed below.

  1. Purchase Filter Tools

Most effective filter tools like antivirus software have advanced settings that can protect your company in the following ways.

  • Identification of suspicious websites carrying malicious links
  • Automatic filters that can flag a suspicious website before you open it on your system
  • Frequent automatic scanning to ensure that the system and software do not breed bugs and hidden viruses and malware
  • Running a thorough scan on every new device that you plug into your system to determine if it is clean before you can open it
  • Flagging emails with attachments that contain viruses and/or malicious links
  1. Install Software Updates

Every single computer device runs on software. Even the antivirus that you use, the firewall that you configure, and the password generating and managing apps that you use are all software. Hence, they’re all equally vulnerable to developing bugs. The bugs, if not fixed from time to time can create a hole in the security system, allowing hackers to crawl in. Thus, install software updates the minute the software developing company release them.

Updates are provided when developers and coders identify and fix bugs in the software and firmware.

Some other ways to protect your systems from malware attacks include the following.

  • Do not install a pirated software ever
  • Use password protected Wifi that’ll only strengthen the router security
  • Pair limited devices directly to the DVR server

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