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Published On December 14, 2017 | By admin | Technology

There are special steps you need to take when you want to invest in new technology. Whether it is an essential business software or a personal smartphone, the first point of action is the internet. Even in the new area of ERP applications, most people will always start their search online. There are millions of informative pieces online whenever you search the word ERP. From that search, it can be very hard to narrow down your options when you are bumped with functionality and sufficient features. Let us look at the following guideline towards choosing the best system from a wide list. 

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1. Vendor references and viability

It is always important to assess the viability of prospective suppliers. Therefore, the first thing to do is to narrow down your list of prospective vendors. In this case, a number less than 20 is good for your start. From this point, you can have a closer look at the companies individually. This brings us to an emphasis on their knowledge and reputation. The question to ask yourself is how long the company has been in operation. Look at their reliability status and their clients. Can the vendor deliver the enterprise features and integration as needed? 

2. Support

Support is one of the most important functions of a reliable ERP system. When it comes to project planning, evaluation, implementation, configuration, and gap analysis, it is more important. Ensure you determine the eligibility of your prospective vendor to offer support options within a reasonable time when requests are sent. This applies when you have a target stated in the contract. Some companies showcase the clients they have assisted in the past. Take this chance to talk to them for more information. Ensure you also check the company’s support communication channel if it is present. 

3. Documentation, training, and help material

Here is the point where we talk about sensitive competitive details. Prospective vendors will provide this information when requested because it informs you about their features, products, and their functionality. Before you contact the vendor’s support desk, ask about their online portal information. This could range from informative guidelines and knowledge that can be used to deliver the best source of information. Also, ask if they can offer user training whenever they are requested. This can be classroom solutions or online assistance. A combination of the two will serve your best interests.

4. Future scalability and underlying technology

Having a platform is one of the most important things when selecting an ERP system. We have seen many people move from the ERP systems that are only leveled on their specific workstations to the mobile device applications that can be accessed from anywhere regardless of their location through the use of the internet. Ensure your ERO system will be compatible for use with mobile devices for better performance.

If you want to succeed in your new ERP system, the list above must be your companion during the search process. However, the first thing to do is to consult with your technical team before you invest.

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