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Indians are consuming art at a rampant rate – we know this because of the sheer number of art festivals and art fairs that are increasing each year. Festivals such as the annual Kala Ghoda Festival have encouraged different forms of art, and from there many artists have taken to sculptures to express their creativity. As with any form of art, artistic freedom only comes when the artist is independent, and doesn’t have to rely on anyone else for funding. This is where we at Impact Guru would like encourage young sculptors to explore the world of crowdfunding India, to bring their projects to life.

As more and more artists are beginning to realize the amazing benefits of raising money for their projects through online donations, more artists are putting themselves out there. This growing network of crowdfunding artists may bring in a lot of challenges, as artist compete for visibility and financing in the crowdfunding India world. Hence we’d like to share a few tips that will help you cut through the clutter and successfully raise money for your next sculpting project.

Know your idea

Before jumping straight into crowdfunding, it’s important that you know exactly what you want to do and achieve through your project. These details should cover the following – your purpose, the creative elements of your sculpture, the target audience that you believe will appreciate your art, the resources you’ll need, and how long you’ll take to finish the project if it gets funded.

Set a realistic fundraising goal

Once you know the creative elements and resources you’ll need, budgeting should be the next step. Find out exactly how much you’d need to spend on overheads (studio rent, electricity) materials, resources, marketing, transport, or any other expenses. Add those number up to get your fundraising goal. If the goal is fairly high, ensure you give the crowdfunding campaign enough time. If you’re expecting to raise lakhs and lakhs overnight, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment – so be realistic.

Pick the right crowdfunding India platform

Not all crowdfunding platforms are equal. A lot of them have certain specializations – one may be known to help artists raise funds, while another may be popular among nonprofits and NGOs working for social causes. Additionally, you must see the network of donors that are associated with a crowdfunding platform. Pick the platform whose network is closest to that of your target audience.

Create a compelling campaign page

If you have a story behind your idea, then use good words to tell it. You must be sure to have a combination of audio-visuals that represent what you intend to do with your sculpture. But most importantly, you campaign page should have several call-to-action buttons!

Go wild on social media

Social media will be your most valuable tool. Create a facebook, instagram, twitter page if you don’t already have only, get some supporters – share your campaign with friends and family, and them to share it as well. The more viral you go on social media, the more financial supporters you’ll find.

If you’re a young sculptor whose just starting out your crowdfunding journey, be sure to incorporate these tips into your planning and execution phase to maximize your fundraising efforts.

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