Vaping Etiquette: 5 Things You Should Never Do

Published On December 19, 2017 | By admin | Technology

Vaping seems like it’s taking the world by storm. But the legalities and regulations surrounding vaping are still very much in development. So while it’s hard to determine any hard and fast rules to vaping, vapers have to learn to use common sense and be considerate of others. Here are some important etiquettes to follow when taking your vaping to a social level.

  1. Where you can’t smoke – you can’t vape

It’s a simple rule to follow. Yes there is a huge difference between the smoke generated by a cigarette and that of a puff of vapour. Not only is vapour free of toxic chemicals it either produces pleasant smell or gives off no discernable odour at all. Even so, most people would not like to be enveloped by your vapour cloud. This becomes even more important if there are children around since most parents would not like to encourage the young ones towards vaping.

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  1. Donot as a rule vape in any enclosed spaces

Not only does it offend people it could potentially make it harder for people to breathe who are not used to the inhalation of vapour. So no vaping inside elevators or restrooms. Be especially on guard when inside a conveyance whether it’s your friend’s car or another means of public transport. Huge vapour clouds inside a car can obscure the vision of the driver and cause an accident.

  1. Show respect to non vapers and non smokers

Even though you know your vaping device is light years ahead of the harms of smoking cigarettes, be conscientious to those who have no interest in either at all. Keep in mind that people who don’t smoke might be just as offended to your vaping as they would if a smoker lit up a cigarette in front of them. If you’re in a restaurant never just whip out your device and start vaping. If you absolutely have to vape be courteous enough to ask permission of any bystanders. Or better yet excuse yourself and do it outside like a smoker. Do not force the issue to vape by giving people all the fabulous reasons why vaping is better than smoking. You will impress people more with your character than by trying to be the next greatest advocate of the vaping community.

  1. Never blow vapour into anyone’s face

Not only is this totally rude, you have little idea how someone may react to your behaviour. You’d be surprised to learn that most vapers would also not like you to blow straight at them, no matter how fragrant your e-liquid is. Remember the power is in your hands, and you have the choice to turn and blow in any direction you like. So why be inconsiderate?

  1. Do not Cloud Chase in public

Producing big clouds of vapour is inevitable, especially if you’ve been vaping for a while. Most newbie vapours eventually migrate from mouth to lung vaping to a direct lung style of vaping with more powerful coils. But big clouds may be disturbing and downright offensive to people who are not as passionate about vaping as you are. You have all the freedom to cloud things up, but try to limit it to the confines of your own home. You and your friends may be impressed by the huge clouds you can make with your spanking new vaping device. But unless you’re participating in a vaping competition you should never walk around and vape.

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