What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Gaming Technology?

Published On March 2, 2020 | By admin | Technology

Cloud gaming has been a buzzword for years. The thought behind this technology is that you no longer need gaming PCs or consoles with effective graphics hardware. Every the heavy lifting work will be accomplished “in the cloud”. 

Cloud gaming has many things in common with streaming videos. Importantly, the cloud-gaming server drives a game and streams a video of the gameplay for you. The remote server takes proper care of all the heavy work, while your computer just receives streaming video and delivers input commands. Importantly, cloud gaming is like a streaming video service, but engaging. 

Advantages Of Cloud Gaming

In theory, cloud gaming has a lot of advantages:

No Expensive Hardware Investments Or Upgrades Needed – 

With cloud gaming technology, you won’t need to update your console or PC. In spite of purchasing expensive gaming hardware, you can just use your existing one. You could also purchase an affordable streaming box and controller that easily connects to your television and home network. Also, if you want to know more about online games, look at this website

Play Games On Any OS Or Device – 

Most of the high-end, non-mobile games are linked to PCs or consoles. Cloud gaming would permit games to become more independent, allowing tablets and PCs to drive Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, Windows RT, and other operating systems to play games that might only run on windows. 

Instant Playing – 

Some games may need a download of 20 GB, 10 GB, or even more before you can start playing it. Cloud gaming would permit you to begin playing games instantly, as the server already has the game installed.

Easy Spectating –

This new technology development would permit very convenient spectating of games, like professional gaming matches. Spectators wouldn’t require to install the game, as the video stream could be conveniently duplicated for many users. 

Lastly, if games work on remote servers in spite of your own computer, they’d be almost impossible to pirate. This makes cloud gaming technology an engaging form of DRM to publishers, if not to gamers.

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