Why Having a Mobile App is Beneficial for Your Business?

Published On July 2, 2018 | By admin | Technology

In the present competitive world, it is quite necessary for all the brands to be on mobile. This is the ultimate mantra to reach your target audience and earn higher revenue. However, does this mean having a mobile-responsive website or mobile app?

If you too are going through this dilemma and want to know what’s best for your business growth, this article is a good read for you.

As per the market leaders, having a mobile-responsive website makes you ahead of 91% of everyone in your industry. However, investing in mobile app development can increase this range by offering exclusive features like:

Wider Audience

Let me ask you one question, “What is the probability that the end user will browse your website URL and wait till it loads? What is the possibility that the user will remember your website URL?” Either because of loading time or URL confusion, the mobile users might forget about your website. However, an app downloaded from app store can reside on their smartphone screen throughout. Whenever they feel like using it, all they need to do is to tap on the app icon. Isn’t this an easy way to remain in the minds of your audience?

Furthermore, your brand will be exposed to more eyeballs when they will scroll through the app store, which ultimately means growing audience.

Better Customer Engagement

How many of your customers revisit your store for a second purchase? As the market continues to be flooded with many new brands, it is imperative for you to keep your users hooked to your brand. This is where a mobile application can help you. With push notification, 24×7 customer support, and other such features, an Android or iOS app can keep your end users constantly remind of your existence and prompt them to make a new purchase.

Improved Brand Reputation

With so many outlets rendering exquisite services and products, it is quite difficult for the customers to make a decision. A mobile application, in this case, can improve your brand reputation by offering faster services, real-time communication, trusted reviews and ratings, personalized offers, and much more.

Besides, your mobile app will notify the customers when they are outside your store’s physical location with the help of Beacon technology. It will invite them to enter the store and flock to see what you have for them. It will also send a ‘Thank You’ notification to your clients, making them feel good about your brand.

Effective Marketing

An Android or iOS mobile app can add more value to your brand than any billboard or other marketing strategies. With must-have features, a mobile application can entice your target audience and keep them using your app more often. It can understand their shopping behavior and provide them with personalized options, which boost their loyalty as well as encourage them to make a purchase. The more they use, the more they like your app and refer to others. This way, the mobile app users will not just use your business app, but also recommend to others, helping to build a higher brand presence and reach to more smartphones without making a hole in your pocket.

More Productivity

Not only from customers’ perspective, a mobile app is profitable from employee’s perspective as well. It enables them to connect with each other and share resources seamlessly. All this reduces the time wastage and turn them into your productive assets.

All these factors can eventually result in higher sales and better future. So, are you ready to invest in mobile app development now? Wish to know how much does it mobile app development cost?

Determining the cost of creating an app is a bit tricky since there’s no exact value available in the market. The app cost is estimated with the simple formula – more the efforts, more will be the cost. In other words, the app development price relies on the type of application you build, the features you add, the technologies you integrate, the mobile app development company you hire, the backend tools you use, the platform you launch your application, etc. This implies you cannot find out the exact value without consulting your app idea with the experts.

So, what’s your next move? Contact the best mobile app development company and discuss your app idea to ask for a quote.

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