Why It Is Important To Monitor Your Child’s Activity On Instagram?

Published On April 11, 2019 | By admin | Social media

Instagram allows its users to share videos and images since this app was launched in the year 2010. This app is extremely popular, especially among young persons. This online social media platform has millions of users all over the world. It brings aspiring artists, photographers, and business together who want to promote their brand. It allows you to share photos that you have captured through the app or camera roll or upload images from the gallery. You may tag the image, add filters to share with other users. You can follow people and see what they post and moreover, they may follow you.

Many teenagers use it to follow celebrities and share their personal photos. You can see selfies and most users target to have a huge number of followers. This is the reason people are highly active on Instagam these days and regularly share videos and new images and tag their location. Though it is possible to set your account as private where only a few people will be able to see the photos, yet many youngsters leave the accounts public. It means that their videos and photos are available for any person to see and they may be contacted by other users too. In such circumstances, parents desire for Instagram monitoring of their kids so that their account is kept secure.

Instagram insights

Instagram insights is a tool which offers you with insights on the people who are following you and your brand, when the followers are online, and the content they are interested in. You may also monitor how a particular story or post is performing. This will help you to adapt to the content so that it becomes more appropriate to your followers. If you want to access Instagram Insights, you may need to have an Instagram profile first. You shall be able to know the gender, age, and location of the followers and the number of times your followers have accessed Instagram daily. You shall also know the number of times your story or post was liked, seen, or commented and how many times your account was checked.

Monitor Instagram activities

You may monitor social media platforms using social media software. This will help you in tracking users’ engagement on different social communication channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. With Instagram monitoring app, you can manage your reputation, monitor your brand, gain new clients, and keep track of all your competitors.  To use this app, you should take a look at its features and sign up for its trial.

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