Should Your Blog Use a Photo Gallery Style?

Published On July 20, 2018 | By admin | Technology

When you start a blog, whether it is to promote your business, as a hobby, or as a business in its own right, one of the most important things you can do is have a blog. Blogs are a way to add lots of new and interesting content that keeps people coming back for more. They are also a great way to win new traffic to your website, because you can use your blog content as a way of optimizing for keywords and using other SEO techniques.

If you are setting up a new blog, however, the first thing you have to decide on is the theme and look. If you are using one of the major blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger, you have lots of choices on this. One of the styles of blog design you can go for is the photo gallery kind. This can look really good, but is it right for you?

Design and Imagery Businesses

If the business you run is related to design and imagery, for instance you are a photographer or web designer, you may think it is a no brainer to choose a gallery style and make your blog into more of a portfolio than a normal blog. This can be the case but think about whether you want the option to bring people in with your other content. Arty gallery style sites can be a great way to showcase your visual work, but they also limit you as themes when you want to have more written, SEO type stuff on your site too.

Regular Updates

One of the nice things about the image gallery style themes is that they are very quick and easy to add new content to. If you do something like wedding or baby photography, or photo booth rental as a business, then being able to upload images to your blog without having to write anything to surround them can be a very good idea and will make it quick and easy to keep people who are interested in what you do to keep in touch with your work. However, choosing this style of theme can be a bad idea if you don’t have regular things to add. If you don’t produce a lot of images, then you are better off with a more text-based format.

Choosing Your Style

Only you really know what your business or website aims are. You may find that a portfolio or gallery style enables you to really showcase what you do, or it holds you back because it makes it harder for people to find the text-based content you are also adding to your blog. The best thing to do is research different themes and look at what other people in a similar niche or industry to you have chosen to do and learn from them.

Gallery style themes are not the only way you can showcase good photography, artwork, or other imagery online, but there are some very good ones. Think hard about the balance you want between text and images and do your research before you choose what style suits your new site best!

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